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ICT Globals’ Advisory Board is comprised of individuals that have spent their careers in major Manufacturing companies. These individuals have recently retired from their corporate positions but are still active and interested in providing valuable insights. Now unencumbered by corporate lawyers, they can provide their personal opinions based on many years of experience in manufacturing. Expertise in Networking, Manufacturing IT, Project Deployment, and Organizational Management vary between individuals, but the collective experience provides access to knowledge that too often is lost.

The individuals listed below have had distinguished careers which will strengthen our knowledge with an unrivaled End User Experience. This team will be leveraged to support the many client activities of ICT Global, as well as working on the special projects they accept for closer interactions.

Below are several of the Advisory Board Members and their history:

Gary Workman

General Motors Logo

Gary Workman: Over 45 years of experience at General Motors. Gary started as a Co-op student in 1969 at the GM Research Labs. He has an undergraduate engineering degree from GMI, a Masters degree in computer science from Purdue and an MBA from Harvard.

In 1975 Gary became a Senior Project Engineer working at the GM Tech Center focusing on Energy Conservation. In 1982 Gary was involved with the early versions of Industrial networking on the MAP program, eventually becoming the chief MAP Network Architect leading the GM team participating in ISO/OSI standards development. MAP was a Token Bus Architecture using 10BaseT for Real Time applications. Gary represented GM at the Corporation for Open Systems involving the development of protocol conformance tests for network communications.

For the last 20 Years of his GM career, Gary was responsible for researching, developing and implementing new open system networking technologies for vehicle assembly operations with activities listed below:

  • Championed GM’s selection and implementation of EtherNet/IP as the global Ethernet standard for multi-vendor control system data exchanges.
  • General Motors official designated liaison to OVDA, recognized as a User Expert and invited to participate in many of their Special Interest Group and Implementer workshops
  • Co-Chaired Corporate Information Security Committee for Plant Floor Network Segregation
  • Responsible for plant floor network strategy; including the selection and configuration of a family of tool mountable industrial Ethernet switches and the adoption of a global safety networking standard.
  • Most recently responsible for GM's Ethernet IO strategy involving linear EtherNet/IP IO Networks
  • Getting GMIT to accept Manufacturing as being responsible for purchasing, installing, configuring, and maintaining industrial Ethernet control system networks. Championing the agreements for interfacing manufacturing industrial networks to the IT facility information networks.

John Crawford

John Crawford: Manufacturing, business and IT leader with broad experience in complex manufacturing and business systems in large and small companies, credited with exceptional leadership skills, and the ability to focus organizations on a successful vision that has boosted net revenue/associate by at least 50% in three companies. Key areas of expertise:

  • Manufacturing & IT Excellence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Change
  • PMI certified PMP

John started his career at Proctor & Gamble were he led engineering to rebuild the largest soap production facility and then managed the soap production department.

Rohm & Haas

John then joined Rohm & Haas in 1982 where he spent 17 years in various positions.

  • Maufacturing Systems Manager (1993-1999): managed worldwide maintenance/reliability, procurement systems and implementation of ERP.
  • Production Manager (1987-1992): Led a complex of four production facilities with a $30M budget and complement of 130 production, maintainance and technical personnel. 

In 2004 as Director of Manufacturing IT at Perdue Farms Inc. was responsible for technology in all manufacturing facilities. This includes development and installation of new IT systems, automation, controls as well as the support of all existing technology.


In 2010 John joined Cargill as Operational Technology Controls Manager, Global Plant Operations Established a worldwide approach to improve the security and reliability of operational/control technology in 1200 plants worldwide. Developed the corporate strategy and requirements for plant systems and controls technology

  • Implemented a common worldwide approach which improved OT/IT plant support and implemented protected networks for plant control systems, training and qualification of support personnel and a comprehensive management of change process.
  • Led cross-functional teams with membership from operations, corporate IT, infrastructure and enterprise risk management teams which developed the company’s industrial wireless strategy.
  • Led the first cyber-security assessments of Cargill plants


Larry Trunek: Engineering and controls Professional with 37 years of experience in Food and Beverage manufacturing that includes maintenance, process optimization, process control, automation, project management, and business information flow. He is an effective communicator that allows the translation of industrial requirements to the larger corporation, his coworkers and suppliers alike.

He started his career teaching at the high school and junior college level for two years before moving to the industrial arena with General Foods where he managed electricians and instrument technicians as well as electrical construction activities.

MillerCoors Logo

He moved to Miller Brewing in 1982 and held the following positions.

  • Milwaukee plant Maintenance supervisor
  • Milwaukee plant Instrumentation manager
  • Corporate Engineering Packaging Controls optimization engineer
  • Corporate Engineering Electrical Design Engineer
  • Corporate Engineering Principal Electrical Design Engineer
  • Corporate Engineering Senior Project Implementation Engineer
  • Corporate Manager of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Corporate Engineering Manager for all packaging electrical design

He was instrumental in the development and deployment of an extremely robust control environment which included Networks, VLANs, segregation of IT versus OT networks. He was the leading driver for migration of the controls network form a proprietary vendor network to an Ethernet-based topology. Was instrumental in development of a real-time packaging optimization application.

Developed policies for data collection and connectivity to the controls environment. Managed the corporate-wide selection and migration from one PLC control platform to another. He is passionate about maintaining a robust controls environment, and maintaining a working relationship between Engineering and IT. He believes in a practical, maintainable, and migratable approach to controls architecture.

Larry was the primary individual that developed the OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) PackTags data exchange model that is currently being deployed. He has participated and presented with the ARC (Advance Research Corporation). He believes in sharing his experiences to help industrial controls people to navigate the minefield of choices.

Larry has a BS degree in Industrial Education from Western Illinois University.

His experience from maintenance through design and systems integration strategy allows him to understand the needs for the Controls environment as well as the IT space and the differences between the two.

James Davison

James Davison (Jim): Over 43 years’ experience in Plant operations with a strong emphasis in the project management, engineering and maintenance automation space, with hands-on experience in over 18 different plant startups. Most recently Jim held the position of Plant Systems and Controls Leader for Cargill Global Operations, managing 5 technical worldwide teams.

  • Electrical
  • Automation
  • TGRC (Plant Operations) Technology Risk and Governance working the Global Corporate IT
  • Operational Intelligence

Tate & Lyle Logo

Jim started a 30-year career with the A.E. Staley Company, which was later purchased by the UK firm Tate & Lyle Sugar. During his time with Tate & Lyle, Jim used both his Chemical and Electrical engineering knowledge to support and improve many different groups in the Tate and Lyle Global engineering/operations teams, including purchasing (sourcing), design engineering, plant automation, electrical design with a strong focus on safety. Jim developed a model that optimized the roles of plant OT and corporate IT to minimize costs and provide improvement in plant automation system uptime. Jim has experience with many international plant designs and startups, including “start-up design strategy” and hands-on implementation. After working with Corporate IT on a successful Y2K conversion and SAP shop floor connections and conversions, Jim left Tate & Lyle to lead the global plant systems and controls group at Cargill.

Cargill Logo

Jim has spent the last 9 years with Cargill continuing to add value to global plant operations. Working with his technical teams by showing how to blend both the IT and OT spaces in the manufacturing plants to implement changes in multiple plants quickly, keep the costs for change justifiable and develop workgroup models to allow plants to be back online during times of unstable conditions or system failures. Jim is an active member of both AIChE and ISA.

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